Special Offers from Intwood Farm

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  • Silverside Beef Joint
    Special Offer: 2 x frozen 2lb Silverside joints for...
  • Tomato and Sticky Onion Chicken Meal Kit
    Perfect for making the Mrs Darlington's Tomato and Sticky...
  • Lamb in Ras
    Get most of the ingredients for Rosy Darling's Lamb...
  • Norfolk Duck Special with recipe
    Made in Norfolk!
    A great deal based on our recipe for Duck...
  • Organic Italian Basil Pesto
    Made with fragrant, fresh basil and creamy tofu. It’s...
  • Punjaban Boxing Day Curry Sauce
    A fusion of traditional Punjabi curry and whole cranberries...
  • Atkins & Potts Cranberry, Port & Orange Zest Sauce
    Greta with roast turkey or baked gammon & use...
  • Katie Bakes Gingerbread Man Baking Kit Gift Box
    Everything you need to make and decorate perfect Gingerbread...
  • Mrs Darlingtons Fruity Brown Sauce
    …your next sausage or bacon sandwich will be truly...