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  • Chinese chicken thighs bone-in
  • Chicken drumsticks in barbecue sauce
  • chicken breasts on the bone
    Reared in Suffok!
  • Oyster cut chicken legs
    Reared in Suffok!
  • English chicken thighs from Suffolk
    Reared in Suffolk!
  • The Cluckery Free Range Eggs
    Reared in Norfolk!
    From truly free range hens raised here in Norfolk...
  • Double Dippers
    Reared in Norfolk!

    Out of stock

  • Sutton Hoo Chicken
    Reared in Suffok!
    This item is currently delivered on Thursdays and Fridays only...
  • Sutton Hoo Chicken
    Reared in Suffok!
    Sutton Hoo Free Range Chickens are dense, succulent and...
  • Pair of English chicken fillets from Suffolk
    Reared in Suffok!
    Fillets are skinless
  • Tomato and Sticky Onion Chicken Meal Kit
    Perfect for making the Mrs Darlington's Tomato and Sticky...
  • Norfolk Duck - Whole
    Reared in Norfolk!
    Minimum weight 2.1kg (4.6lb)
  • Duck Special Offer
    Made in Norfolk!
    A great deal based on our recipe for Duck...
  • Sausages
    A lean sausage that doesn’t compromise on taste
  • Intwood Farm £5 Cash voucher web sq
    Cash vouchers for anything in the Intwood Farm web...